"From the moment I saw Kerry's Versace dress for the Oscars I felt it was very warrior meets princess. So I wanted to style her hair sleek yet youthful with a very bold feel just like the dress. My inspiration was simple, yet effortless by styling her hair with a youthful ponytail. I still wanted to keep her young, yet edgy at the same time and what better way than putting her hair into a ponytail with some extra drama at the roots."

- Celebrity Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew



Step 1

Blow dry hair with professional hairdryer and add some lift at the roots with a paddle brush


Part hair down the middle into two sections and  flat iron and smooth out hair.


Curl medium strands of the hair starting at the root loosely around the curling iron for 7 seconds. Counter clock wise with the iron throughout her hair to pump up the volume


Tease the roots a little, and clip in some Spring Wave TSDHair extensions in the center only for some natural added texture and length. Gather hair all together in mid center, push some hair forward in the crown for some drama and secure all of the hair with a leather band